From candy to electronics, you're sure to be delighted by the Black-Owned products we celebrate in every box. 
The Overview

Every month, you'll receive a box of 2 to 4 curated products that were designed, developed or manufactured by a Black-Owned business. Each month has a theme that dictates the kinds of products that will be included in the box for that month. The themes can include a wide range of products from candy to electronics and everything in between (well, almost everything).


Past themes have included boxes with Black-Owned seasoning and spices, boxes with Black-Owned art, and boxes with products sourced directly from Africa. You can visit this website at any time to find out the current theme for the month. Subscribe now and postpone or cancel anytime.

How It Works

1. Choose Who It's For

Decide who the box is for:

Buy for You or Give as a Gift

2. Pick A Frequency

Choose your payment frequency:

Monthly or Quarterly

3. Open, Enjoy & Share

Don't keep it to yourself.

Enjoy it, then tell someone about it!

February's Theme:

Renew or Subscribe by February 29th and you'll receive a box of lifestyle products from entrepreneurs based in Africa. Only available while supplies last.

Why Have A Black-Owned Business Box?

1) Statistics show that while the number of Black-Owned businesses is growing, these businesses are not performing as well as the businesses formed by other ethnic groups. One reason for this, among many, is that it's hard for these small businesses to reach their target customers and get products in their hands easily. At the Little Black Business Box, we want to play our small part in helping Black-Owned businesses thrive by connecting them with potential customers across the world.

2) There are many Black and non-Black customers who would like to support a Black-Owned business, however, it is often difficult for customers to find these businesses. And in some cases, the customers don't want to try something new and risk being disappointed. With the Little Black Business Box, customers can try products from a variety of Black-Owned companies and hopefully discover a few that they can support for a lifetime.

3) Despite some of the challenges that many Black-Owned businesses face, they are still working hard and achieving amazing things. We want to celebrate those achievements, and hopefully inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to follow their in their footsteps. So whether you are Black, White, Brown, all of the above, or none of the above, grab a box and show some love!

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